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It is with deep sadness that we must announce the passing of our founder. We are open but have limited items at this difficult time.


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Welcome to Perfectly Sweet... Sugar Free At Its Best!

Back in 1987 my gourmet father, who loved his snacks, was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. My sister Hope and I dedicated ourselves to find sugar free products for our dad that would make his transition to a sugar free lifestyle more tolerable. Sadly, there was just so little to choose from, the quality was poor and it was very expensive. It was clear that people wishing to restrict their sugar intake were a forgotten minority. We realized that there was a real NEED to serve this growing group and we decided to go into business!

It took 7 years to put together a line of fine quality, good tasting chocolates and baked goods that fit the standards which we had set for our company. We were ready and PERFECTLY SWEET was launched with 80 products including a fine line of  Cavalier Belgium chocolates (We are now their largest American dealer)... and we never stopped. Now, 20 years later, we offer over 600, in our opinion, of the best  sugar free and no sugar added products available anywhere! Don't let our low prices fool you...this is quality and selection unique only to PERFECTLY SWEET.

Your dentist may have recommended a sugar-free diet or your doctor may have ordered it. Perhaps you made your own decision based on recent reports to remove sugar from your diet. Whatever your reason, you are entitled to a wide choice of good tasting products like other consumers. We offer most of our chocolates in your choice of milk or dark; our cakes and cookies in many flavors and our nut candies with all of the popular nuts that you like. We offer you a choice instead of the “take it or leave it” attitudes common in other catalogs. It should also be mentioned that if you are on a salt restricted diet, most of our chocolates are low salt or salt free.

Sugar-free products are available from a number of food catalogs, most as a sideline with a few token pages of sugar-free products (with inflated prices and limited selection). Our catalog is loaded with ONLY sugar-free and no sugar added products that are competitively priced.  We sell nothing else. Sugar-free is our only business and we are very good at it. We keep growing and there's a reason!  We meet the needs of our thousands of satisfied customers. If we did not, we would not have been around 21 years.  

If you haven't already,  give us a try!